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This is the website we use to showcase our projects, talk about how we did them, and finally rant about technology, politics, videogames, and development.

We used to offer freelance development work for web projects and mobile development. If you are an existing client you can contact us through this form. However, we are no longer accepting new clients or new work.

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I don’t normally blog about web development projects, but I’m making an exception today.  Honestly, I’m a bit excited which is a rare treat for me. Introducing TerraceCMS! I’ve been playing with Node.js a lot lately.  I know people have a lot of gripes about the design of the Javascript language, but I like it.  Of course, I’ve gotten pretty good — mostly by accident — at circumventing Javascripts little quirks.  I’ve also come to like working in prototype based languages.  OSMstudios.com is written using Node.js and Express.  It also uses a custom CMS I built. I wanted to save myself some time by integrating an existing Node.js CMS.  Imagine my …

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Linux for Windows Users

  • DawsonG
  • Feb 26th 2014, 1:20:12 pm

A brief set of tutorials on administering Linux servers written specifically for people coming from a Windows environment.

Editing Files with Vi, Vim, and Nano