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Love2d vs Unity3d

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

Awhile back I wrote a little blog post talking about how I was playing around with Love2d and with Unity3d.  I didn’t expect that little blog post (read it here) to start collecting dozens of hits all from people looking for a comparison between Love2d and Unity3d.  For me it’s a pretty simple question.  They’re nothing alike.  But still there were people asking me which one they should use.  As a result I wrote a long post on the topic for OSMstudios.

Read it here!

Andvestigate Rides Again… Sorta

Posted in Releases by Dawson Goodell

Back when only hipsters had Android phones and the only Android phone one could own was the G1, I built a little Android application named “Andvestigate.”  It was a file management application back when Android phones (the G1) didn’t come with file managers.  There were a few similar programs floating around, but, to the best of my knowledge, Andvestigate was the only one that provided multiple file/folder selection copy & paste.

With most Android phones now packaged with built-in file managers, Andvestigate is relauching as a device information system.


Game Development – Playing with Unity3d and Love2d

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

If you’re looking for a comparison of Love2d and Unity3d please see this post.

Game development has been a hobby of mine since 6th grade.  In fact, I completed my first scrolling shooter using Game Maker in 7th grade.  From there I took a C++ course online, got a job in web development (working in .NET), and have lived perpetually derailed since then.  I still like game development though.  It scratches a very different creative itch than writing does.  There is more puzzle to it and a visual aspect I like.  Sure, I’m not much of an artist.  Ok, so I’m a terrible artist — exhibit A – but that doesn’t mean I don’t like trying from time to time.