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Unity 5 and Unreal

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

If you've been paying attention the last month has been really exciting for indie developers.  I've had time to take a look at Unity 5 and the now free Unreal Engine.  Here are my thoughts.


Thanks, All!

Posted in News & Updates by Dawson Goodell

In the past few weeks a number of readers have sent small donations to my paypal account, enough in fact, to cover hosting the website for this month.  The largest donation was $3 with $1 being the most common.

I just wanted to thank you all and let you know that I'm working on building a switch into the site that turns off advertisements.  I think everyone adblocker or not deserves to read a tutorial without someone trying to sell you something.

Love2d vs Unity3d

Posted in Content by Dawson Goodell

Awhile back I wrote a little blog post talking about how I was playing around with Love2d and with Unity3d.  I didn’t expect that little blog post (read it here) to start collecting dozens of hits all from people looking for a comparison between Love2d and Unity3d.  For me it’s a pretty simple question.  They’re nothing alike.  But still there were people asking me which one they should use.  As a result I wrote a long post on the topic for OSMstudios.

Read it here!